Filipino Kali is so much more than just stick and blade fighting. But unarmed Kali is rarely seen today.

Here I'm training on rough terrain in a river in Southeast Asia. Learning how to adapt to the environment, the Kali way.

The Filipino martial art of Kali

Kali, like all other FMA systems contains weapons training. However our primary focus in training, is on the very rare unarmed self protection aspects of Kali.

Buwaya Kali
The unarmed fighting system of Kali, is an indigenous Southern Filipino martial art. It's a unique, versatile and devastating close range combat system, with very fast techniques. The core of Kali, is based on the principle of understanding flow.

Backyard training, the best training money can't buy.
As a Full Instructor in FMA/Kali, I offer individual tuition in the Copenhagen/Malmö area. I accept mature students, preferably 30 years or older. Buwaya Kali is based on natural motion, so there are no upper age limits. Beginners are always welcome.

"Comfort is the worst addiction"
- Marcus Aurelius